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Capiz mother of pearl shell tiles and wall panels are uniquely handcrafted by Jumbo Pacific artisans for export quality. Capiz raw shells and Mother of Pearl seashells are carefully cleaned, processed and cut to make materials to create Capiz tiles and mother of pearl wall panels. Capiz shell tiles and wall panels are specifically made for interior design wall decor of the hotels, condominiums, residences, buildings and offices.


Capiz shell tiles are use for capiz mother of pearl wall coverings and capiz wall surfacing. Interior designers select capiz materials for the interior wall decoration because of its natural effect like stones that are mounted on the walls. Jumbo Pacific Inc. is manufacturing and exporting capiz shell tiles and is available in different colors and design.

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We are a supplier of natural building materials that is used in ceiling or wall decor as well as interior wall covering. Our shell tiles are manufactured in different sizes, colors, shapes and designs according to client’s requirement. These natural wall cladding and wall panels have undergone a painstaking process to bring out the natural beauty and luster of every shell being used which then gives an elegantly unique atmosphere to every home, office, building, hotel, restaurant, church, etc.


The shells that we use in order to produce beautiful shell tiles and shell panels are mother of pear shell(MOP Shell), blackclip shell, brownlip shell, kabebe shell, blacktab shell, youngtab shell, paua shell, abalone shell, and etc. For the sizes our standard Capiz panel is 18x18 inches(45.72 x 47.72). We can make any size on order.


Our standard backing is No Woven Papaer, we supply as well those Backing Plywood, Acrylic, Cement Board, "Hardiflex", Versa board, MDF, Self-Adhesive Tear-Away on a paper-backed, and many more type of backing.


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